Dajcor Aluminum

Aluminum Anodizing

As an Ontario aluminum anodizer, Dajcor offers standard anodized aluminum finishes such as bright and satin clear, gold, bronze, brown, and black anodizing. We also offer increasingly popular anodized aluminum finishes satin nickel, stainless steel, titanium, and brushed nickel, as well as electrolytic colour anodizing for lengths up to 28’.

Custom Anodizing With Our Automated Anodize Line

With a state of the art automated anodize line, Dajcor has the ability to provide chemically brite dip anodizing in a wide range of standard and specialty colours of your choice, handling lengths up to 12'6". Our standard aluminum anodizing colours are clear, bronze/brown, gold, brass and black, while specialty colours can be provided through matching your colour preferences. Our expertise in matching anodizing colours and anodized aluminum finishes is what sets Dajcor apart from our competition.

Dajcor's anodize lines are perfectly suited for custom anodizing programs. We offer quick lead times, excellent quality and bright, satin and electrolytic finishes, to put the 'finishing touch' on your aluminum products.

Extensive fabrication and extrusion capability

Dajcor provides mechanical finishes such as buffing, belting and deburring to complement our chemical finishing capabilities. Our ability to provide in house anodizing and mechanical finishing separates Dajcor from the competition.

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