Dajcor Aluminum

Dajcor Aluminum

Dajcor Aluminum Ltd. is the leading Canadian supplier of extruded, fabricated/machined and anodized aluminum components and assemblies to various markets: automotive, renewable energy, medical equipment, transportation, building trades, military, recreation, and consumer-product industries.

As an ISO 9001: 2015 certified aluminum extrusion supplier, Dajcor Aluminum Ltd. is committed to providing the highest quality extruded aluminum components along with outstanding customer service. Our skilled and seasoned personnel know what it takes to satisfy this commitment - Your 'One-Stop' Extrusion Supplier!

One-Stop Aluminum Supplier

  • Design

    Our team uses their creative expertise to work limitless design options and features into our aluminum extrusion profile designs that improve performance and reduce the need for secondary processing operations

  • Extrusion

    Our design staff and skilled workforce excel in designing and manufacturing the most complex of extruded aluminum products. The Dajcor team will help reduce costs in post extrusion fabrication and machining by incorporating features that result in more efficient manufacturing of your aluminum components.

  • Fabrication

    Our in-house aluminum fabrication capability helps you avoid costly delays and additional material handling. Our aluminum fabrication services include special tolerance cutting, mitring, notching, piercing, forming, bending, mechancial assembly, and welding.

  • Anodization

    Dajcor offers etch and clear satin finishes, as well as chemically bright anodizing in a wide range of standard and specialty colours, processed with our automated anodize line. We provide mechanical finishes such as buffing, brushing and deburring to complement our chemical finishing capabilities.

  • Delivery

    With design, extrusion, fabrication, and anodizing capabilities all under one roof, Dajcor is your end-to-end solution for extruded aluminum projects. Our focus on the customer ensures that we deliver the highest quality extruded components to you on time and on budget.