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Extrusion FAQs

General questions

Aluminum Extrusion refers to a process of creating shapes with an aluminum billet or log by forcing it to flow through a shaped opening in a die. Aluminum can be extruded into standard shapes or specific designs depending on a customer’s preference.

Aluminum Fabrication refers to building aluminum components by cutting, mitering, notching, piercing, forming, bending, CNC machining, mechanical assembly and welding.

Aluminum Anodization is an electro-chemical process of coating aluminum with a thin layer of oxide to increase corrosion resistance and harden the surface.  Aluminum also can be dyed with various anodizing colours, which in most cases, are resistant to sunlight.

Packaging aluminum extrusions depends on a number of variables: finish, transportation time/distance, space restrictions, unloading and storage capabilities. Packaging is often overlooked in the aluminum extrusion product development process, but can add considerable cost to the finished aluminum extruded product. The key to packaging anodized aluminum extrusion is to provide optimum protection while minimizing packaging materials and waste. The use of returnable racks/dunnage may be feasible, depending on location and consistency of volume.

While Dajcor Aluminum is located in Southwestern Ontario and is situated close to the Toronto and GTA aluminum extrusion market, Dajcor manufactures and ships fabricated, machined and anodized aluminum extrusions across North America. From Newfoundland to British Colombia, Dajcor Aluminum delivers aluminum extrusions to key customers in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.

Located 60 miles east of Detroit, Dajcor Aluminum is also ideally situated to service the aluminum extrusion markets in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin and Kansas. Dajcor Aluminum has complete extrusion, fabrication, CNC aluminum machining, bright and satin anodizing capabilities to service the United States Midwest and Northeast, including New York, Massachusetts, Vermont and Maine - a top supplier of value add aluminum extrusions to the North American marketplace!

There are an almost limitless number of options available to Industrial Designers when expressing their creativity in designing with aluminum extrusions. Product Designers in the electronic packaging, marine, transportation, automotive, construction, medical equipment, sporting goods and a wide range of markets can incorporate numerous design features into their aluminum extrusion profile designs, to improve performance and reduce the need for secondary processing operations. For example, automotive and transportation designers are focused on improving functionality with their product designs, while reducing vehicle weight and improving product appearance.

The weakening Canadian dollar (and the subsequent strengthening of the American dollar) gives US aluminum extrusion customers more buying power when sourcing aluminum extrusions from Ontario and Canadian aluminum extrusion companies. Dajcor Aluminum supplies fabricated, CNC machined, brite and satin anodized aluminum extrusion components to aluminum extrusion customers in Michigan, Ohio, Kansas, Indiana, Wisconsin, Illinois, New York, Massachusetts and several other locations across the United States.

Dajcor Aluminum have thousands of standard aluminum extrusion dies available to run aluminum extruded channels, aluminum tubing, aluminum extruded rectangular bars, square bars, rectangular tubes, T sections, H sections, extruded aluminum round tubes, square bars, extruded aluminum square tubing profiles, along with extrusion dies for various extruded aluminum shapes. With aluminum extrusion, fabrication, CNC machining, high speed cutting, bright and satin anodizing capabilities all under one roof at our 190,000 square foot Chatham facility, Dajcor Aluminum can supply all your value add aluminum extrusion requirements.