Dajcor Aluminum

Subcontracting Headaches

by Dajcor Aluminum

How Dajcor Aluminum Solved Southwestern Ontario Company’s Subcontracting Headaches

Customer Problem

The Manufacturer was dealing with separate extrusion, fabrication and anodizing companies to source their aluminum extrusion components, resulting in significant quality and delivery issues. End application of extruded aluminum components very critical (end use of extrusions highly aesthetic).

Key Customer Issues:

  • Finger Pointing from various subcontractors for quality issues related to the extrusion, fabrication and anodizing of the aluminum components.
  • Increased cost of managing logistics of transporting material from one subcontractor to the next.
  • Increased inventory requirements due to extended timing to complete the manufacturing of the extruded, fabricated and anodized aluminum extrusions.

Dajcor Aluminum Solution:

  • With Dajcor’s ability to extrude, fabricate and anodize all under one roof at their 190,000 square foot Chatham facility, the manufacturer was able to improve the consistency of the quality of their extruded aluminum components, and eliminate the logistical and transportation headaches associated with dealing with multiple subcontractors.

Customer Result:

The Manufacturer (and ecstatic Dajcor customer) was able to reduce inventory costs by 50%, minimize logistical costs, and more importantly increase revenues by 30%.