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Dajcor Kentucky Expansion

Dajcor is a leading manufacturer of extruded, fabricated and anodized aluminum products to the North American marketplace. For inquiries or RFQ'S please contact sales@dajcor.com.

With 300,000 square feet of manufacturing space at the Eastern Kentucky operation, Dajcor Aluminum Inc is well positioned to supply extruded and fabricated aluminum components to the global marketplace.


As Dajcor Aluminum continued to experience exponential growth with the success of its Value Add, Single Source market proposition for aluminum extrusion supply, it was evident Dajcor needed to expand its extrusion and fabrication capacity and capabilities – but where?

The vision of our founders and shareholders Mike Kilby, Max Fantuz and Bill Loucks was to build an aluminum extrusion company with a global reach, that provided solutions to customer’s ongoing supply chain issues, by providing aluminum extruded components and assemblies to the North American and global marketplace. Developing a manufacturing base in the United States was the next logical step in the evolution of Dajcor, and Southeastern Kentucky was identified as a potential area for expansion… The Hazard Kentucky region has a rich history of logging and mining – a strong heritage of hard working people making an impact in the district and the world, providing the crucial raw materials to feed industrial growth across the North American and global marketplaces. This skilled and dedicated work force, combined with the ideal location of Hazard, which is situated within a 500 mile radius of several major US economic centres, provided a tremendous launching pad for Dajcor to expand their North American manufacturing footprint.


Since its inception a short three years ago, Dajcor Aluminum’s Chavies Kentucky facility has expanded to 100 plus employees, dedicated to providing outstanding service and quality fabricated aluminum extrusions to the North American, European and Australian continents. With two extrusion presses, extensive fabrication capabilities, including five CNC machining centres and a Tube Laser cutting unit, Dajcor Aluminum’s Kentucky Team and Operation are well positioned for significant growth and success in supplying and servicing our global supply partners with quality extruded aluminum components – a North American success story!


Hal Rogers Press Release - Dajcor Aluminum to Create 265 Jobs in Eastern Kentucky


Our 9" 2800 Ton Extral Press is operational and cranking out the LBS at our Chavies Kentucky facility. Please contact Dajcor Aluminum Inc at sales@dajcor.com so we can start pushing your extrusion profiles.



General questions

Dajcor is slated to start production at the Hazard extrusion facility in Spring 2020.

Located on 30 acres of prime industrial land, there is currently 300,00 square feet of manufacturing space available to produce a wide range of fabricated aluminum extrusions for the US marketplace, targeting several strategic markets such as automotive, light rail transit, marine, recreational products, construction, transportation, renewable energy, LED lighting, electronic, military and consumer product industries.

Hazard Kentucky is strategically located within a 500-mile radius of several major US markets, and along with a highly skilled workforce within the region, makes Eastern Kentucky an ideal location for Dajcor to gain an extrusion manufacturing foothold into the US marketplace.

Dajcor will have aluminum extrusion, fabrication and CNC machining capabilities at the Hazard Kentucky location.

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