Dajcor Aluminum

Poor Delivery Performance

by Dajcor Aluminum

How Dajcor Aluminum Solved a US Manufacturer’s Issues with Poor Delivery Performance and Increased Inventory Costs

Customer Problem

US Manufacturer not happy with existing local sources of supply of their extruded, fabricated and anodized aluminum extrusions, specifically issues with late deliveries, poor quality and increased inventory costs.

Key Customer Issues:

  • Manufacturer has a wide range of aluminum profiles/components, with small batch production runs and minimum purchase quantities.
  • Manufacturer has little floor space to carry inventory of their aluminum extrusion requirements, trying to implement just in time inventory system.
  • Inconsistent quality, extended lead times, poor delivery performance from previous aluminum extrusion, fabrication and anodizing suppliers.

Dajcor Aluminum Solution:

  • Review customers forecasted aluminum extrusion requirements, consolidate production runs when feasible, and set up inventory program for consistent volume components.
  • Provide 'Turnkey' solution to manufacturing and supplying their extruded, fabricated and anodized aluminum extrusion components with Dajcor ‘s ability to provide all of their manufacturing service requirements (extrusion, fabrication, anodizing) all under one roof at Dajcor’s 190,000 square foot Chatham facility.
  • Utilize Dajcor Aluminum’s experienced workforce and program management skills to improve service and delivery performance for the vast number of aluminum extrusion components required.

Customer Result:

By providing a ‘Turnkey’ solution to the US Manufacturer’s delivery and quality issues, along with utilizing Dajcor Aluminum’s extensive employee resources and program management skills, this highly satisfied Dajcor customer was able to significantly reduce their aluminum extrusion inventory levels and costs, while improving delivery performance to their customers.