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Dajcor Dispatch-April 25, 2024

by Dajcor Aluminum


Welcome to the first edition of the Dajcor Dispatch, your quarterly source for all the latest updates from Dajcor Aluminum.

If it’s been a while since you’ve worked with us or you’re new here, allow us to introduce ourselves. 

Dajcor Aluminum is your one-stop aluminum extrusion supplier, committed to manufacturing excellence, quality, and the highest standard of customer satisfaction. From the design and extrusion all the way to the fabrication, anodization and delivery of your components, precision and excellence drive every step of our process.

With a dual facility, single source value proposition, and a combined manufacturing space of 490,000 sq ft., we are well positioned to supply to the North American marketplace and beyond!

What does it mean to be a One-Stop Shop? Watch this: 


Our Vision Statement is “Profiles to Your Imagination.” We offer hundreds of standard dies in-house, covering a wide range of shapes and profiles, to minimize the onboarding costs of your new project. View our selection here: Dajcor Shapes


In The News

The Aluminum Extruders Coalition has been tirelessly petitioning the U.S. Department of Commerce to address unfair subsidization of aluminum extrusions from China, Indonesia, Mexico, and Turkey. We're pleased to announce that the U.S. Department of Commerce has found these nations guilty of unfair subsidization, prompting the imposition of duties to level the playing field for domestic producers in the US.

This decision safeguards the interests of American manufacturers, fosters a more equitable marketplace, and strengthens the national economy. 

Supporting domestic aluminum producers also has implications for sustainability and environmental responsibility. By encouraging local production, we’re reducing our carbon footprint associated with transportation and minimizing environmental degradation often linked to manufacturing processes in countries with lax regulations. 

The U.S. Department of Commerce is scheduled to release their determinations on the ongoing antidumping duty investigations of aluminum extrusions in May 2024. 


Our Commitment

At Dajcor Aluminum, we under promise and over deliver to our customers. This is how we do it:

✔ We never stop our endless pursuit of continuous improvement, by incorporating metrics to measure customer satisfaction and performance.

✔ We confirm all customer requirements at the quoting stage to ensure we meet and exceed your expectations.

✔ We take a proactive approach to resolving customer issues, anticipating problems before they become serious and impact our customer.

✔ We never forget the reason we are able to do what we do is because of our customers.

We take care of our customers! Talk to us today about your next aluminum extrusion project!

In the Calendar

April 22nd - Earth Day!

We recently celebrated Earth Day at Dajcor Aluminum! Did you know Aluminum is 100% recyclable? Recycled aluminum is ecological and less expensive than primary aluminum, yet they both exhibit the same levels of durability, strength, and longevity.

Aluminum building products and systems can contribute to Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) Certification. 


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