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Recycling Aluminum Extrusion

Aluminum is being used more frequently in building and construction projects due to its ideal qualities, such as being lightweight, cost-effective, sustainable, and durable. For these reasons, aluminum is widely used in projects that aim to be eco-friendly, since it is also completely recyclable and reusable in a number of applications.

5 Interesting Facts about Fabricating Aluminum Extrusion

Fabricating aluminum extrusion incorporates various tools to help bring aluminum products one step closer to the client, whether that be a building contractor or a store owner who needs to supply cans of pop to thirsty customers.

Aluminum Extrusion Fabrication Processes

Aluminum extrusion fabrication includes precision cutting, computer numerically controlled (CNC) machining, mitering, punching, notching, drilling, and high-speed cutting of aluminum extrusions to construct aluminum parts.

Understanding the Process

Aluminum extrusions are anodized to delay corrosion, improve lubrication, and allow for colour dying in a process that converts aluminum electrochemically.

The Benefits of Aluminum versus Steel

Aluminum is a versatile, lightweight, durable, and ductile metal. It is often chosen over other metals for various applications because it performs effectively and efficiently in a wide array of environments. The benefits of aluminum versus steel are many.

How aluminum extrusion applications increase efficiency

Aluminum is an abundant and environmentally friendly metal that has sundry benefits and applications. It is lightweight, durable, and malleable. Unlike other metals, its strength increases in cold temperatures. Aluminum is resilient, and many industries rely on aluminum because of its versatility.

5 Interesting Facts about Aluminum Extrusion

Aluminum extrusion is increasingly sought-after as it provides a number of financial and procedural benefits in the manufacturing sector. To shed more light on this emerging trend in aluminum processing, here are five interesting facts about aluminum extrusion.